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Teradata Interview Questions

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Hi friends for the last 3 years i have been working in teradata database. The following are the some sample questions for your reference which can be useful for interviews too.
You can share your answers to these questions too!

  1. What is Teradata BTEQ?
  2. What are the teradata Objects?
  3. What are the Teradata tools and utilities?
  4. What is the difference between v2r5 and v2r6?
  5. How to find average sal without using avg function?
  6. Why multiload supports only NUSI?
  7. Any three differences between teradata 12 and teradata 13?
  8. What is join index?what are the types of join index?
  9. What is Teradata fastload,multiload and Tpump ?
  10. What is error handling in Bteq?
  11. What is skewness in Teradata?
  12. Difference between fastload and multiload in Teradata?
  13. Difference between General DELETE and Multiload DELETE in Teradata?
  14. Difference between BTEQ export and fast export?
  15. When we will use nullif function?
  16. What is the use of coalesce function ?
  17. What is the role of Secondary Index(SI) and explain its types?
  18. How many primary keys we will apply on table?
  19. Difference between SMP and MPP?
  20. Explain Shared Nothing Architecture?
  21. Difference between subquery and correlated subquery ?
  22. What are the join Strategies?
  23. What are the limitations of fastload and multiload?
  24. Explain different phases of fastload and multiload?

I am running one blog also for your reference.If you have any doubts in Teradata SQL, just visit
Teradata SQL Reference
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Thansk for sharing Suhasini

Hi Suhasini,
It's nice to see more people from TeraData domain and I visited your website. 

Few questions for you:

  • Your blogspot doesn't seem regular and popular. Are you regular there (except this month)
  • Have you developed that for monetary benefit or for knowledge sharing?
  • Are you planning to post on regular basis with detailed explanation like screenshots, codes etc?
I would rather suggest/request you to be an active member here, instead of getting backlink from your and making redundant posts :(

Few benefits for you and others:
  • Your and posts will be much popular here then the blogspot space
  • you will find more people from your domain and will learn more with sharing motto.
  • You can learn other technology, language and tips from here
  • We are popular over internet and we are trying to make a non-profit common platform for poeple who wish to learn more technical things while sharing.
All the best Suhasini

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