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Norton Utilities 15 - Software Review

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Norton Utilities 15 is a system repair software that fixes a range of problems like repairing invalid registry entries, discarding unessential registry entries, and putting off unnecessary start-up programs. This latest version from Symantec integrates a user-friendly interface with powerful features required to boost your system’s performance.
Some of the important functions performed by Norton Utilities 15 are:
  • Increases the booting time and speeds up your system
  • Restores accidently deleted files
  • Permanently deletes files which you don’t want to keep in your system
  • Helps avoid frequent system crashes
  • Efficiently fixes Windows OS problems
  • Maximizes overall system efficiency
  • Norton UnErase – This is a great feature that we many have craved for in the past. Files considered to be lost forever can be retrieved in a single click. Norton Utilities 15 claims that this utility is an amazing data recovery tool that retrieves files deleted even from the recycle bin. However, some users complain this feature doesn’t restore data every time.
  • Registry Monitor- This feature effectively checks your hard drive for registry errors and repairs them instantly, so your system is protected from frequent crashes. Besides determining the applications that run when the system is turned on, it also boosts the launch-speed and performance of the applications.
  • Registry Defragmenter- Norton Utilities 15 effectively defragments the files in your hard drive and keeps them organized thereby creating extra space. Moreover, it also manages Windows services and makes it easy to run multiple applications at the same time without compromising the speed.
Other noteworthy features include Startup Manager, Disk Cleaner, Disk Doctor, Smart Updates, Service Manager, and Speed Disk.
The interface looks pretty simple. It’s designed in such a way that you don’t have to spend too much time going through the user manual. The interface encompasses an all-inclusive menu and neatly labeled icons. The tools are impressively fast and powerful. The updated icons in Norton’s latest version give the application a stylish and elegant appearance. What’s more, the easy-to-navigate feature adds more to the users’ joy.  
Most of the functions including disk defragmenting are impressively quick. The main difference between the latest version and the older ones is that, the latter had too many tools, most of them rarely needed by users while this one consists of only limited resource hogs. Thus, it saves your tasks from what would have been a slow operating system and sluggish computer.
Norton Utilities 15 software can be run on up to three computers. In comparison, most of the other system repair software don’t necessarily support these many systems. This first-rate system repair software works on Windows XP, Windows 7, and Windows Vista.
You can download the updated version of this software from Symantec’s website. If for any reason you want to revert back to the former version, then you can do so by rolling back and restoring the old applications. For any queries, you may contact Symantec’s customer support.
Help and support
It’s always good to check the FAQ section at Symantec’s website. The company also offers excellent support through its customer support. You can contact the tech support via email, phone, or chat.  
Norton Utilities 15 is certainly a great enhancement from its previous versions. With the new look, stylish icons, easy-to-navigate capabilities, and powerful tools this latest system repair software from Symantec offers a lot to users. On a negative note, this may not be an ideal version for households that use multiple computers. And the pricing also seems to be on the higher end compared to its rivals. However, the final verdict is that you will find a great improvement in your system’s performance when you use Norton Utilities 15.

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Kartik Jagdale (not verified)
I have Been using Norton 2009 from past 2Years
and have never thought of Replacing it with any other antivirus
I think now I have to Upgrade it Norton 15.
Thankx for the post
( )
Caleb (not verified)
A program like this is
A program like this is something that all computer users need to invest in. IT can help your computers performance and prevent unnecessary issues.

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