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Increasing Social Shares – Complete Guide

Any website owner or blogger would want to increase social shares in order to get more traffic. The mainstay of any blog lies in the traffic it can attract, hence devising ways and means to increase social shares and in turn diverting traffic is the ultimate goal of a blog. Social sharing is critical not only for the existence of a site but for its healthy growth and sustenance. Here are a few points to guide you to make your content the most sharable.

Give your Posts and Keywords a distinct identity

The Web is like a huge ocean where there are many fish swimming around, with a few of them being noticed either for their color, speed or some such feature. Similarly, content that is posted on the Web may get noticed, shared and viewed by a record number of people, or simply be ignored. For getting noticed you need to first check the topics that are currently popular. Look up the most popular keywords through Google Analytics and try to incorporate them in your content. Try using popular plugins like Shareaholic or Digg Digg that give you access to some free analytics for your content. Investigate what is being shared and what isn’t and plan your strategy accordingly.

Keep track of latest trends
Ensure that you are not left out in the crucial race. Keep track of the latest trends in order to stay ahead. Learn what is on the minds of most readers and give them what they expect. Intersperse your content with what you hear discussed often. It is important to keep your eyes and ears open and use what you see and hear. Keep track of international happenings by registering with sites like LinkedIn where there are communities discussing issues and forums that exchange views on the latest issues.

Make use of Trends Buzz that keeps you posted about trends on Google, Wikipedia, Yahoo Search, Twitter and Alexa. It is good to Know Your Meme so that you can make use of it at the right opportunity. If, at any time you are hard up for good ideas, look up Google Insights, compare keywords, and check which one produce better results during a search.

Ask yourself “why would anyone want to share my content”?
The answers will surprise you. People want to share content for a variety of reasons like wanting to bring content that has value and is fun to read. They may want others to know how they function, or may be on the lookout to build new relationships. Some people do it simply because it gives them a sense of fulfillment and some others due to the conditions in the markets or because of specific brands.
Have a catchy headline
A catchy headline invites instant attention. More often than not, people just breeze through content without any particular purpose. Such people do not spend too much time on any site or content unless there is something that grabs their attention. If the headline can explain that the answer to what the reader is looking for lies within, he or she will certainly read through the entire content.  Make the headline sound useful, unique, and sounding urgent.

Optimizing content makes it more shareable
Optimizing content is not difficult. Select a page title that is relevant to the topic, since it is the social sharing button that you want the reader to click. Google’s spiders also crawl through page titles to check for indexing. The page title itself can contain the popular keywords that satisfy Google and attract the attention of readers. Ensure that the Meta description or the concise description of your content shows up prominently below the page title.      

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Jay (not verified)
Hi Allan, Thanks for this
Hi Allan, Thanks for this post. I've just launched my Facebook page. I'll implement these techniques to maximum shares. Regards Jay 

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