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Is A Hidden Camera Right For You?

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The democratization of spy and surveillance technology has created a civilian market for hidden cameras. There are many instances where a person might feel compelled to purchase and use a covert camera. You might suspect that your babysitter is not acting in a manner appropriate for someone caring for your child and want to survey their activity. Home security could be your primary concern and you may want to cover your property and valuables with a watchful eye that could catch a would-be thief in the act or perhaps deter one before they act.Maybe you own a business and you want to keep track of the comings and goings of your employees. These would all be very good reasons to utilize hidden cameras for personal use.

After you’ve determined your need for a camera, you need to figure out what type will suit the job that you need it for.

Motion Cameras

A motion sensor hidden camera is a very popular choice. Of all the hidden cameras that are available on the market, a motion sensor hidden camera is the most cost effective and energy efficient. They will only start to record when the sensors on the camera have been tripped by movement, therefore there will not be wasted energy recording dead footage. Some of these cameras can be operated by a wireless network that transmits the recorded video to a remote storage device. Others models can store recorded data on an SD card inserted into the device. These types of cameras are very common for security type situations either indoor or outdoor. However, these cameras are not immune to mishaps as it is not only people that could set them off to record. They do not discern between human motion and that of an animal or errant piece of rubbish blowing in the wind.

Timed Cameras

Timed cameras operate by being turned on to record manually and then they shut off after a predetermined period of time. Timed cameras can also be motion detecting, in which instance they will record for a set period of time after being triggered by movement and then shutting off. A downfall of these types of cameras is that there could be important information that does not get recorded if it happens outside of the set time.

Nanny Cams

Nanny Cams are surreptitious recording devices that are used to observe how a caregiver is treating your child while you are away. They can come in a variety of shapes and sizes and many times can be concealed in household items like clocks, picture frames and stuffed animals.

Other Options

There are a few available powers sourcing options for hidden cameras, including AC or battery power. For low light situations, more sophisticated units will be able to shoot in night vision. Some cameras can also record audio as well. However, it should be noted that the legality of doing so varies from state to state. Hidden cameras can vary greatly in price depending on the type of camera you want and the options you would like included in your device. The technology is plentiful and there should be very little problem finding the right camera for your situation and budget.
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