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Essential Things to Do After You Buy an iPad

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After you’re done ‘prancing about in joy’ on having finally acquired your very own iPad, there are a couple of things you need to do to help you get started. “Yes, this comes after you pull off the shrink wrap”.

When one is finally inducted into the world of ‘Apple gadgets’, one is now privy to the wonderful world of ‘Apps.’ You have an app for just about anything and everything, now. We’re not talking in terms of entertainment alone, but also to enable a smoother function of your everyday life.
  • Dropbox
Let’s get started with the highly crucial ones. As reliable as gadgets may be, one needs to always ensure that they create a ‘back-up’ of all their important files. DropBox allows you to do so by storing it all on ‘Cloud Storage’. Simply create an account for yourself, download it, and drop files into the folder that it creates on your desktop. This way, you can access your files from any other device also, just by logging in to your account.
  • Google Maps
This app is a ‘must-have’ for all those of us who tend to get lost a lot. It’ll help direct you around, and also pin-point places of interest.
  • AP Mobile
Stay up-to-date on all the happenings around with this app. It allows one to check the news, which is inclusive of photos and videos.
It also has a ‘Local feed’ option, wherein you can know more about all that’s happening around you.
  • Photoshop Express
The iPad enables one to click some beautiful photos. The Photoshop Express can be used to edit it and to enhance them all the more.
We know how extensive Photoshop is in terms of features. This app allows you to crop, rotate, and add various effects/filters…anything.
  • Feed
For the ‘aspiring-musician’ in us, Feed is apt as it allows one to create music, whenever inspiration hits. You can distort, crop and record sounds, all on the go.
  • Flipboard
If you’re on various ‘social media’ platforms, this app allows you to keep tabs on all of them, at the same time. It works like an e-magazine, wherein you can flip through all new posts various social sites. All you have to do is select the one’s you are on, and Flipbaord will converge them all and allow you to access them from one place.
  • Google Play Books
This app is pretty new in the market. It’s targeted at all those avid ‘book-readers.’
Play Book offers something different from the others, hence making it on this list. You have the ‘Read Aloud’ feature, wherein your e-books, automatically convert to ‘audio books.’ You also have the option to translate words into a variety of different languages.
  • Epicurious
Epicurious is the ‘one-stop-app’ to help you decide what to make for your next meal. It has a collection of about 25,000 recipes. And, (the best bit) has a feature where you can simply type in what you have lying around your kitchen, and the app will offer ‘recipe-suggestions’, based on them. It’ll even create a little shopping list for you, for the additional ingredients that you may require.
The app world is vast, and picking the ‘must-haves’ is quite challenging. One has the freedom to wade through and download the ones that are to their interest.” Good Luck! Because once you’re in, it’s hard to not get hooked.”

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