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Choosing The Right Hidden Video Camera Dealer

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If you’re looking to set up a video surveillance system with hidden cameras in your home or office, it’s important that you look for a dealer that not only offers top-of-the-line products, but also has a good knowledge of those products and experience in installation. With worldwide video surveillance sales increasing by as much as 10% annually since 2010, more and more retailers are offering hidden video cameras for sale. Choosing the right hidden camera vendor can mean the difference between your experience in video surveillance being rewarding or nightmarish.

Consider the following things when choosing a hidden camera dealer:


Most major general retailers now offer hidden camera sales for their customers. However, given the more general selection of products that these stores carry, it’s difficult to assume that whatever sales associate you work with will have a vast knowledge of hidden camera products. And don’t make the mistake of thinking that just because a retailer might specialize in electronics that they’ll have someone with enough knowledge to answer your questions about such a unique item as a hidden camera.

Your best bet will be to go with companies specializing in security products. They’ll typically offer more advanced products than general retailers, and they should have enough experience in security and surveillance to address any questions or concerns you may have. Research a company’s background and look for things like relationships with law enforcement and other security firms.


Be sure that the dealer has the right hidden cameras to meet your needs. Some dealers will specialize in more advanced equipment that is beyond the scope of what you’ll ever need. Others will offer only basic products. And some will offer equipment that falls more into the category of “spy cameras.” While a pen camera or video recording sunglasses may sound cool, they might not meet your need for continual use. For most customers, a dealer who’s inventory lies somewhere in the middle will be sufficient.


As this may be your first experience in buying a hidden camera, you’ll want someone to show you how to operate the unit and how to sync the hard drive with your computer or tablet so that you can easily access the camera’s recordings. If no one at the store can give you a hands-on demonstration, that might be good indicator that the sales associates know just about as much about their products as you do.


Ask whether or not the company will handle the installation of your hidden camera, and if so, how will they go about doing it. You’re most likely going with a hidden camera because you’d like its presence to be as inconspicuous as possible, so you’ll want to make sure that the company’s workers can handle the installation quickly and discreetly. Be sure to ask if their installation service includes checking the compatibility of the system with your home media devices after the cameras have been turned on.


Buying and installing a hidden camera can be an awkward experience. Make sure that above all else, your dealer is known for his/her professionalism. He/she should be able to meet your needs while never making judgments about your desires to install hidden cameras in your home or office.

Whatever needs that you hope having a hidden camera will address, make sure you choose a dealer that can provide the right products and services to meet them.

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