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5 Drupal Plugins That'll Bring Your SEO Rankings On Heights

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If you are looking for some truly helpful SEO modules for your Drupal site then you have reached on the right web post. This post is covering trendiest the Drupal modules, which are known for increasing the search engine friendliness of Drupal website.

SEO Checklist Plugin

It is one of the most trusted plugin for Drupal sites. You can simply download this plugin from the official website of Drupal and install in your website. Technically, it provides all what you need to grab the attention of Google search robots. It is a simple checklist, which lets you monitor your website’s search engine friendliness. You can easily install this plugin by going in your dashboard. In short, this plugin is enough for search engine optimization requirements of your website. In simple words, this plugin is suitable for newbie website managers, who do not understand the technical terms of Drupal.


This plugin will simply increase the search engine friendliness of your website. Technically, this plugin creates URL aliases for your web contents. You will not have the requirement to intervene in this process of URL aliases. Considerably, this module uses particular patterns by using token modules. Additionally, it provides special options for changing the patterns. Therefore, you can easily change the pattern system for customizing the URLs.

Meta Tags (Nodewords) - For Drupal 6.x

It is one of the best modules for increasing the search engine friendliness of a Drupal website. This module gives you the facility to create meta tags for nods, views, and panel pages automatically. By adding meta tag in each page, you will be able to increase the search engine friendliness of your website. Considerably, search engine robots take meta tags seriously. Therefore, you can grab the attention of target users by adding relevant codes. After adding this module, you will not have to make changes in the meta tags manually.

Search 404

You will certainly be aware with the page not found 404-error page. This module replaces that page with a search result page as per the keyword of website. This module helps your online visitors to click on their keywords, given in the replaced page. This module also detects the keywords that bring 404 error page. Therefore, it is an impressive tool.

XML Sitemap

You may be aware with the XML sitemaps. This module helps you in keeping your website search engine friendly by creating XML sitemaps in accordance of’s specifications. With the help of sitemap, your site will be able to crawl easily by search engine robots. Therefore, you should try to understand the importance of installing this plugin in your website. It also submits the sitemap in leading search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo to grab their attention.

After installing these tools in your website, you will be able to grab the maximum attention of your targeted visitors in an easy manner. It will be a simple process of online reputation management. In case, you are looking for custom tools then you can outsource Drupal development. In this way, you can hire offshore developer and get a cutting-edge plugin for your website.

Sumit Roy (not verified)
How to use my own css and htmls in drupal
I tried a lot for using my htmls and css in drupal sub template for client requerment but i cant so how can i use it in subtheme.please give me the answer.
sanjeev's picture
Joined: 21 Feb 2011
CSS is fine but HTML is not there
Hi Sumit,
Drupal CMS works on MVC framework.
CSS part is fine, you can add your own customized CSS scripts but to change anything as front-end as a display you need to customize PHP script as per the requirement. 

This website is fully cusotmised as CSS and PHP end. What exactly you need to change. According to that, we may help you.

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