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WD TV Live Hub

WD Live TV Hub: A must have Electronic Device

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Review on an awesome electronic gadget: WD Live TV Hub
WD TV Live Hub Overview
“Bring your digital life to high definition big screen or any old screen at your home”. This sounds interesting. Isn’t it? Being from 21st century, where a 5 years old kid plays with mobile and computers, we need something unique apart from saving our bigger files for future use by using external hard disk.

I still remember when my friend bough computer, I simply asked what you will do with so much space (80 GB). Now 1 Terabyte (1 TB is equivalent to 1024 GB or simply say approx... 1000 GB) does not sufficient for future use. Whosoever is buying laptop, desktop etc.  looking for 500 GB internal hard disk at least (purely my assumption).
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