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Steve Jobs

Great demise to IT World: Steve Jobs is no more

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Steve Jobs is deadHave you ever been thrown out from your home or office or class? There is a person who was thrown out from his own company, once who was the CEO and founder of that company? If it would happen with us we would lose the control and would give up.
But this person started another company and that also reached at zenith within no time. And previous company was losing its charm. He was called back as CEO and again that company because the starrer in IT field whether it’s O.S. or animation or mobile phones or tablets.

Yes , you guessed it right (I know I am exaggerating: P), he is none other than Steve Jobs who just died today (5th October, 2011 morning IST)  at the age of 56 and caused a great loss to the world specially to our IT domain. He was the main person behind Mac, iPhone, iPod, iPad and many more things.

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