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Upgrade to Firefox 6 - released on 16th August 2011

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Little Introduction about Firefox with history

Firefox 6 released on 16th AugustFirefox 6 got released on 16th Aug 2011. I think it’s too early to release a newer version even when Firefox 4 and 5 are not in major use. But I feel the browser competition; especially with Google chrome’s frequent releases forced Mozilla to do so.

I am hard core user of Firefox browser and use lots of useful plug-ins for my day today activities over internet. According to W3schools around 42% internet users use Firefox and around 23% people use Internet Explorer. Another Major browser into the account is Google Chrome which is being used by almost 27% (increasing rapidly).  Browser statistics from various agents clearly depicts that Mozilla is a one sided winner in this browser’s race now.  Although Google Chrome is going to be a tough rival too! But who cares.

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