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How different is Scour from other Search Engines?

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People sift through all possible sources to gather information. They need relevant information in a short time. What everyone is running short of is time.
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[Solved] Problem in viewing Hindi font on websites

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In my previous post, I explained the way to read/write hindi or different regional fonts in MS word using several steps.
Here is the quick reference of it.

You may face a situation when you open some website and you see only rounded or square symbols intead of real text. You are not able to figure out, what to do. Then my suggestion is to follow below mentioned steps. It will surely help to get rid of such issues. I am using Windows 7 to test these features.

[tips] How to use Google Search efficiently

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I am using Google Search engine almost all the time since 2006 and learned lots of things to manipulate Google search in much easier way. I know I am little late to share this and you will have lots of such posts over the internet. But, presentation and thoughts for the same things are always different for different authors.  I would basically show you the real power of Google Search engine and strong evidence to prove that why I love and prefer Google Search Only :D
More than 80% internet users use Google Search engines followed by Bing then Yahoo etc…
You can download the pdf version of this article from here

How to Drive More People to Share and Subscribe Your Publications

If you are aiming to creating some special digital publications for online distribution to bring more visits to your web, or if you want to show your products in a unique way to attract potential customers, then you must make your publications worth-sharing, so that it can drive your readers to subscribe and share it with more people to increase its exposure. Stay here for a moment, you may need the below tips about how to create a stunning yet unique e-publications.

Simple steps to verify email id existence

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Email id exists or notOur team always face email existence problem when they try to:

  • Verify the  registered account holder’s email id or
  • While sending mail to anonymous user who posted comment with some fake email id or
  • To check, if that email address is still valid (ex: 2 years back emailed was valid but not now)

Well it’s not possible to know 100% whether given e-mail address exists in real or not but it will be handy in majority of the cases. You can do it manually also if you are in Linux box using host or nslookup and telnet command. I would prefer host command for this purpose.

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