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Beware of search engine ads: Social engineering in action

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Cyber crime in actionBefore proceeding further some common question to all readers.

  • Which search engine do you use? Google, yahoo, Bing, Lycos etc?
  •  How many of you know about virus, worms, malware, spam, social engineering, session hi jacking etc.?
  • How many times you clicked the link which led you to a known page but the web address is somewhat different?
  • Have you ever been the victim of such things, like clicking on image or any link may lead spam installation by default into your system? Or one fake message will be spread to all you friends from your account? (I am sure more than 70% would lie in this category).

Minimal Reasons to prefer Gmail over other Mailing systems

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I love GmailEverybody is already well acquainted with the mailing system’s usages. In brief it’s a platform through which you can send, receive your messages with/without attachments. Attachment may include audio, video, books, exe files too! (Beware of social engineering!).

There are hell lot of mail providers are there like yahoo mail, rediff mail, hotmail, Gmail , gmx, and now facebook too!  You can read the features of mail providers from here.

But I personally prefer Gmail over other mailing services due to various reasons:

Gmail allows access to multiple account: Multiple Sign-in

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gmail-after-click-switchAlthough Gmail introduced multiple Gmail account login somewhere around March 2010 but at the same time very few percentage of Gmail users have tried it or using it. I really liked Google’s concept.

You can login to as many multiple accounts as you may have. I tried to login with my 6 account credentials and it allowed me to login at the same time.

Not sure about its maximum account login limit. But I guess, nobody would be having more than 5 accounts at Gmail. (Fake people may have. By the way I use it for experiment purposes. I am not a fake guy!)

Q: How you can enable/disable Multiple Sessions facility in my Gmail account?

Features of different Mail Providers

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Different Mail ProvidersThere are many mail providers  over the web but I would state the features of 5 highly popular or useful mail providers. (It’s totally my views, so it may differ person to person).

Gmail, Yahoo, rediff,, ,lycos,,, hotmail, aol, gawab,, are a few to include in that list.

5 ways to socialize effectively through Google+

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Google+Life is enriched by actively participating in the society. As you know, there are innumerable ways to maintain contacts, communicate and share information through social networking sites. Of late blows the whistle, Google+, being cooked by imaginative Google engineers who are testing and letting tasted by select few user invites, has already spread fumes out. Google+ can help you socialize in a better way.
If you are not sure about the how to's of Google plus, this tutorial on Google+ will be of help.

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How to send executable files through mail

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exe files attachedHave you ever noticed that you cannot send any executable file format through mail?
Whatever mail agent would be, say Gmail or Yahoo or Rediff. No one allows you to send files which have executable format like .chm, .exe, .js, .vbs etc

But there are two most common ways to send such files through your mail id. I would show it using Gmail Account.

Problem:  While attaching above mentioned formats, I got error stating that it’s an executable file. For Security reason Gmail doesn’t allow you to send this type of file.

5 minimal reasons to write blog

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blog powerNow a day almost every internet user is having one’s personal website or blogging website. Even if you are not having one, sooner or later you will be having your own blogging website for sure.
What minimal things are there which will force you to write blog?
According to me, it should be:

Make gmail more social : use Rapportive

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Rapportive optionsMany of us use gmail account for mailing purposes. If you will open any mail to read, you will notice that in the right side bar of mail; Google ads showing which is of no use for us (almost).
1. Will not it be nice, if we could get something useful instead of those advertisements? 
2. How about getting social updates from different linked sites from the mail sender?

Top 20 funny things programmers say

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Jokes- Aliencoders20. That's weird....
19. It's never done that before.
18. It worked yesterday.
17. How is that possible?
16. It must be a hardware problem.
15. What did you type in wrong to get it to crash?
14. There is something funky in your data. OR It's a data problem, not a program problem.
13. I haven't touched that module in weeks!
12. You must have the wrong version.

Apache HTTP server v2.2.19 released

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Apache HTTP ServerIf you ask me which server is the number one http server is over the internet, I would support for Apache HTTP server. It’s very light and very efficient.

The Apache HTTP Server Project is an effort to develop and maintain an open-source HTTP server for modern operating systems including UNIX and Windows NT.
The goal of this project is to provide a secure, efficient and extensible server that provides HTTP services in sync with the current HTTP standards.

Apache httpd has been the most popular web server on the Internet since April 1996, and celebrated its 15th birthday as a project this February.(updated From Apache homepage)

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