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How to transfer the domain name easily

How to tranfer domain nameHow to transfer the domain from one hosting provider or registrar to other
It’s always important to host your website to a reliable web hosting service provider. But sometimes due to lack of knowledge or much experience on these things we register our domain and signup for the hosting plans. Although all renowned hosting providers are doing great job but I preferably choose either or

I had few issues with, that’s why I postponed the plan to host my domain there and finally chose as I was using it from last 2 years without any hassle and Customer Support Service is awesome. I liked online chatting also ;)

How to hide a file behind a jpeg file

hide folder optionSometimes it may happen that you have to share your computer with your family member. As it happens with me. I have a younger brother and I like to tease him so what I do is whenever he install any new games into my computer I hide the entire folder with the shortcut. When he tries to find it out he got nothing. So let’s work on it. Now I am going to share this tricks with you guys

By this trick, first we create a hidden folder and after that we will hide our important files behind the .jpeg image file. This second trick is very helpful for those people who want to hide some files from their friends; even I did the same thing during my college days. Usually I hide my entire assignment file behind a jpeg image (every time I use an image of donkey).

How to hide a folder?

Great demise to IT World: Steve Jobs is no more

Steve Jobs is deadHave you ever been thrown out from your home or office or class? There is a person who was thrown out from his own company, once who was the CEO and founder of that company? If it would happen with us we would lose the control and would give up.
But this person started another company and that also reached at zenith within no time. And previous company was losing its charm. He was called back as CEO and again that company because the starrer in IT field whether it’s O.S. or animation or mobile phones or tablets.

Yes , you guessed it right (I know I am exaggerating: P), he is none other than Steve Jobs who just died today (5th October, 2011 morning IST)  at the age of 56 and caused a great loss to the world specially to our IT domain. He was the main person behind Mac, iPhone, iPod, iPad and many more things.

The Tata Grande Blogger Meet at Chennai on 9th october 2011

Bloggers MeetNeed not to explain anything, if I mention Indiblogger meeting in my blog post :)
Yes There is going to be grand bloggers' meeting in Chennai on 9th October 2011. I am one of the attendees and first time i am going to attend such meeting. So, I am really excited to meet like minded bloggers :)

Those who wish to register to attend this blogger meeting please click here and register

Location : Chennai on Sunday 9th October 2011 from 1:30 pm. to 5:30 p.m.

What's the plan (Agenda)?

The basic optimizations that everyone forgets -SEO

The basic optimizations that everyone forgets
SEO tipsThe design looks good and promising and you are about to make it live. But wait, the job does not end here.
Do you like to own a website that people cannot even find easily while surfing in Google?
You definitely not like the idea of owning a website that comes with barrage of problems. You can not even think of it right. But, it happens.

Even after taking so many precautions, you eventually find that you have missed out on some vital points that create big issue with your website’s online visibility. Here, we are going to share some basic seo techniques that you should not give a miss no matter what.

Public relations (PR) Progress With Social Media

Public RelationsPublic relations (PR) play an important role in promoting image of an organization. PR department is the connection between the public and organization which utilizes various media. With the changing times, the way PR is handled is also changed. All old-cum-traditional PR practices are to be revised or replaced with the new social media methods.

The change is imminent. If organizations are not geared up for change, it is very likely that they lose substantially and it will be high time for them to built new systems or leverage systems at a later stage. We shall find how PR can be leveraged to achieve the maximum benefit from the changed life styles of the people being influenced by various modes of social media.

Top 10 websites to share links

Share linksWriting quality contents will not give fruitful result unless and until it is published and spread over the web properly. And it can be done in many ways. By sending emails to all subscribers, spreading links to your friends, telling them in person or by sharing links at common place where majority of people visit at anytime. 

Although there are lots of websites to share your contents but I figured out few popular websites which are very effective for sharing your articles.

No more fake accounts on Google+ : issues verfication badge

How many times have you faced fake profile through social networking sites? Sometimes they pretend so real that we start talkiGoogle+ verified accountng with them and start sharing some of our personal things too! Even images, mobile number everything seems original but finally the person will be fake.

It may be common because Social networking sites can’t verify each and every account details. Think about fake profile of any celebrity.

  • How much havoc it may create if it would be misused by the wrong person?
  • What If Anna’s fake profile will roll out at the present scenario?
  • What if Manmohan Singh joins Google+ and start stating something offensive? What will be the reaction of people!

Upgrade to Firefox 6 - released on 16th August 2011

Little Introduction about Firefox with history

Firefox 6 released on 16th AugustFirefox 6 got released on 16th Aug 2011. I think it’s too early to release a newer version even when Firefox 4 and 5 are not in major use. But I feel the browser competition; especially with Google chrome’s frequent releases forced Mozilla to do so.

I am hard core user of Firefox browser and use lots of useful plug-ins for my day today activities over internet. According to W3schools around 42% internet users use Firefox and around 23% people use Internet Explorer. Another Major browser into the account is Google Chrome which is being used by almost 27% (increasing rapidly).  Browser statistics from various agents clearly depicts that Mozilla is a one sided winner in this browser’s race now.  Although Google Chrome is going to be a tough rival too! But who cares.

Create Google+ profile without invitation

Google+ Everybody is asking me do you have Google+ account. Are you active there. Can you send me invitation?
I just wondered why invitation? You can create Google+ account without invitation too!

Strange but true. All what you need to do is, you should have Gmail  id of course and you should be logged in into any of the good apps like Gmail, orkut, youtube, blogger, analytics etc.

Then just click on this link and create your profile.