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Interview of Francis Lobo-the new CEO of United Online

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It is my pleasure to interact with smart and Young CEO of United Online, Francis Lobo in person. Our team, Alien Coders interviewed him recently and we are very very thankful to Francis Lobo and David Bigelow to share words with us. Please accept our gratitude from the core of the heart. I am sure his experience and thoughts will surely motivate most of us, specially Indian IT professionals.

Person who founded C and UNIX (Dennis Ritchie) is no more

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Dennis RitchieI can’t even imagine that I would get a job if there would be no UNIX, no Linux, no Windows, no graphical application, no sound driver, no GUI based tools, no programming languages and still we would be struggling with binary and machine level language.  There would not be computerized electronic gadgets no iPhone, iPad etc.

Thanks to Dennis Ritchie who not only founded C programming language and co-founded UNIX with Ken Thompson which made network sharing easier, but gave birth to many successor languages like C++, Java, Perl and many more high level languages but made our life more smooth and technologically advanced.

He died on 12th October 2011 at the age of 70. He was very famous respected computer hacker (computer genius literally). His contribution will always be remembered and implemented till we will use computer or computing based tools. He was also known as drm (Dennis MacAlistair Ritchie)

Great demise to IT World: Steve Jobs is no more

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Steve Jobs is deadHave you ever been thrown out from your home or office or class? There is a person who was thrown out from his own company, once who was the CEO and founder of that company? If it would happen with us we would lose the control and would give up.
But this person started another company and that also reached at zenith within no time. And previous company was losing its charm. He was called back as CEO and again that company because the starrer in IT field whether it’s O.S. or animation or mobile phones or tablets.

Yes , you guessed it right (I know I am exaggerating: P), he is none other than Steve Jobs who just died today (5th October, 2011 morning IST)  at the age of 56 and caused a great loss to the world specially to our IT domain. He was the main person behind Mac, iPhone, iPod, iPad and many more things.

Free Online course on Artifical Intelligence from Stanford University

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Those who are from Computer background i.e. B.Tech or M.Tech degree holder in ECE/EEE/IT/CS or MCA etc have the great opportunity to attend Introductory classes on Artificial Intelligence By two most most influential professors in technical field.
This course is 10 weeks long. The in-class version starts Tue, Sept 27. The online version begins Mon, Oct 10, 2011 and ends on 16th December

They are:
Peter Norvig is Director of Research at Google Inc. He is also a Fellow of the American Association for Artificial IntelligPeter Norvigence and the Association for Computing Machinery.

Norvig co-authored Artificial Intelligence: A Modern Approach, which is the world's most popular text book on Artificial Intelligence. Artificial Intelligence: A Modern Approach is used in over 1,200 universities in over 100 countries, and it has been translated into 12 languages.

A déjà vu with Information Security guru – Manu Zacharia

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Manu ZachariaThis 21st century has its own saga. Internet users have grown exponentially and because of that online fraud, cyber crimes, hacking have become even more dangerous and vulnerable when compared to physical thefts. The thing is only firewall, anti-virus et can’t prevent all cyber incidents. We need awareness on Information Security.

He is the man who first started general awareness in India on Information security and we call it an “InfoSec day”.  He is none other than that Manu Zacharia who is Information Security evangelist with more than sixteen years of professional experience.
I met him and got a chance to share few words  face to face in 2008, when there was 3 days lecture cum workshop  on  Information Security and hacking by him. As I was the Event head so , I had to be always in touch with him. (It was an honor to meet him personally) and he is my security guru too.

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