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How to protect the information on your smartphone

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Practically everyone owns a mobile phone and Cisco foresees more mobile devices than the population of the world before the end of the year. It is also expected that the number of mobile phones around the world will reach 5.2 billion, which is higher than the 4.3 billion units in 2012.

Give your Website a New Avatar with WP Customization!

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WordPress is unarguably the best CMS that ever existed. Designed basically to be used as a blogging site, it has been extensively used to create some of the most visited websites in the world.

SharePoint Applications: Focused Towards Streamlining Management Work

It is a common trend to see various organizations using a share point application, to efficiently share the work and confer team spirit.

IP Address To decimal and vice-versa using Perl

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There can be a situation where we need to convert IPv4 Address(32 bit) from 4 octet format i.e. to  it decimal equivalent value i.e.  2130706433 and vice-versa. We can use pack, unpack in-built Perl functions to achieve this situation or we can use module (if allowed) along with pack and unpack, whichever you feel easier; you can use it in your code.

Firefox: How a simple Blogger can benefit from it

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Firefox is an alternative browser to IE that comes pre-installed with your desktop computer. Most people download it because there are occasionally websites that only function well (or at all) with the use of a Firefox browser. Other people use it because it may be extended via a series of plugins that you may install.

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