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[Solved]Cannot accept more than 1 connection error in Filezilla

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There is a case when your hosting provider ( being one of the examples) doesn’t allow more than 1 simultaneous connection per user for file transfers using FTP as it will be restricted from their FTP server due to some security reasons.
And if you are using Filezilla, then by default it will try to connect multiple FTP connections. It can connect maximum 11 connections i.e.  10 connections (simultaneous file transfer) +1 (browse the server files) per tab. If it is more than 11 simultaneous connections then either router, firewall or ftp server is compromised. You should report to your hosting provider or site admin.

Best sites for learning how to code

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Best sites for learning how to code
This article assumes that you want to learn programming code in general, as that is what the websites on this article are all about. The types of coding are varied, from things such as HTML to the older Visual Basic and C programming. Here are some of the best sites for learning programming (coding) and why they are so good.

Tutorial on Creating Dynamic Sitemap Using PHP

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If you own a website then one very common problem that you might come across is that some of your webpages might not show up in the search results. In such a case, most of us believe that the webpage does not have any links to them on the website. But unless the search engines have banned that web page, there are very less chances of any particular webpage not having links to it on the website. And in such a scenario, you are required to provide a proper navigation structure for your users, but that might not be a feasible option, especially when your website is having lot of content


How chomp and chop function works in Perl

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How chomp and chop function works in PerlWhat is chomp and chop?
The chomp() function will remove (usually) any new line character from the end of a string. The reason we say usually is that it actually removes any character that matches the current value of $/ (the input record separator), and $/ defaults to a new line. It returns the total number of characters removed from all its arguments and If VARIABLE is omitted, it chomps $_

Have positive attitude in an interview-Interesting Questions[Funny]

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think out of the box

These are the few questions asked in HR interview (some of them already known to us)!! The answers are really stunning and inspiring. Thinking out of box! 

A must read…
Question 1: You are driving along in your car on a wild, stormy night, it's raining heavily, when suddenly you pass by a bus stop, and you see three people waiting for a bus: 

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