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Minimal things every Blogger should know about web spam

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Web spam is more viral than email spam.

In email spam they target only known email id, which they get from various sources like small consultancies or from training institutes or by doing some social engineering ;). Mail providers like Gmail, Yahoo are too intelligent to send it to spam folder without giving you trouble. So, you are somehow safe in case of email spam.
But in case of web spam, they want us to browse their website to buy or advertise their products. Web Spammers main motto is only to earn money. We need to be sure before any comment or post is getting published in our website. In worst case you may lose permanent genuine readers too!, which will ultimately affect your site and your revenue if any.

Execute command when matches a pattern in vim

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There are some situations while working in vim to add/delete/replace some keywords/lines based on matched pattern. Like remove ^M from a file and we explained various methods to do so.
User may face few other situations where they can use vim commands like %s or :g efficiently.

Minimal JSON that Web Developers should know

What is JSON?
JSON is short notation for “JavaScript Object Notation”, and is a way to store information in an organized, easy-to-access manner. It gives us a human-readable collection of data that we can access in a really logical manner.
Download its pdf version from here

minimal_json_that_web_developers_should_know.pdf797.16 KB

SQL JOIN Explained

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Join in SQL  is again important topic in database. The good thing about this topic is that we all know about it but even after that we do mistake in explaining it. We know all the definitions, all types of join then also we are not clear about it . The reason I can say is instead of being application minded we restrict ourselves only to the content. If I think about the audience of this article I can assume that it is definitely going to help college students but its also beneficial to people who are working on database in MNCs.

IaaS: Definition, Potential, Future

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Iaas BasicsThe Internet is said to have made a revolution in almost all the industries we can think of. Probably the most important, and definitely the most buzzed about trend related to the growth of the Internet, is development of cloud computing technology.

The cloud is often suggested as another name for the Internet itself and is not actually a new notion. However, the impact of emerging cloud technology in IT, business, education and healthcare is certainly a trend to watch. Cloud computing refers to technology that delivers computing power from large server farms via the Internet and that consists of three layers: Software as a service (SaaS), Platform as a service (PaaS) and Infrastructure as a service (IaaS).
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