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What programming languages we should learn?

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What programming languages we should learn? When to learn, how to learn and why to learn?
Before making any decision we should consider many things like job security, for fun, for knowledge gain, for web development, for games development, mobile development,hacking etc..

This infographics may not answer everything but it will surely give you an idea what to chose carefully? You can plot your own chart similar to this by asking each question with yes and no etc.

Code Review Best Practices

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Code review is a great software instrument and you should definitely use it to improve the quality of your code. But like any other tool, it may be misused sometimes.

Wordpress multisite development - A conceptual approach to PHP web development

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wordpress multisite layoutWordpress multisite development - A conceptual approach to PHP web development
Powerful Wordpress Multisite; some might have heard of this and some might not. This is nothing but simply the Wordpress configuration which is usually a PHP web development as well and allows the user to launch the several websites off to their native website. It is not actually something that most users might be aware of; instead it is worth getting the details in order to rate the website.

Internal Linking Strategy: SEO Nerd vs Web Design Nerd

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The internet is platform where different businesses and website owners compete against each other to gain recognition. A common example is where each and every website owner works towards search engine optimization on a regular basis to top the results page on major search engines. By doing so, a website owner is gaining more exposure towards target audience and eventually increases the amount of traffic landing on the website.
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