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Wordpress multisite development - A conceptual approach to PHP web development

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wordpress multisite layoutWordpress multisite development - A conceptual approach to PHP web development
Powerful Wordpress Multisite; some might have heard of this and some might not. This is nothing but simply the Wordpress configuration which is usually a PHP web development as well and allows the user to launch the several websites off to their native website. It is not actually something that most users might be aware of; instead it is worth getting the details in order to rate the website.

Internal Linking Strategy: SEO Nerd vs Web Design Nerd

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The internet is platform where different businesses and website owners compete against each other to gain recognition. A common example is where each and every website owner works towards search engine optimization on a regular basis to top the results page on major search engines. By doing so, a website owner is gaining more exposure towards target audience and eventually increases the amount of traffic landing on the website.
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[Solved]Cannot accept more than 1 connection error in Filezilla

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There is a case when your hosting provider ( being one of the examples) doesn’t allow more than 1 simultaneous connection per user for file transfers using FTP as it will be restricted from their FTP server due to some security reasons.
And if you are using Filezilla, then by default it will try to connect multiple FTP connections. It can connect maximum 11 connections i.e.  10 connections (simultaneous file transfer) +1 (browse the server files) per tab. If it is more than 11 simultaneous connections then either router, firewall or ftp server is compromised. You should report to your hosting provider or site admin.

Best sites for learning how to code

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Best sites for learning how to code
This article assumes that you want to learn programming code in general, as that is what the websites on this article are all about. The types of coding are varied, from things such as HTML to the older Visual Basic and C programming. Here are some of the best sites for learning programming (coding) and why they are so good.

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