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What is Bitcoin - An Introduction

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Bitcoin LogoWhat is Bitcoin?

Bitcoin refers to a new currency created in the year 2009 by an anonymous party with the alias Satoshi Nakamoto.  Bitcoin transactions are executed without any middle men and as such no banks are required. Moreover, you don’t have to pay any transaction fees or offer your real name.  Millions of merchants all over the world today have started to accept Bitcoins since they can use them for purchasing pizza, web hosting services and even manicures.

Infographics on the History of Computer Programming

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This infographics depicts the history of computer programming evolution. Like how Abacus, Charles babbage, Ada, Fortran, internet, Perl Python came into existence with classic pictures,examples and images. There are very interesting facts that you would surely like. Kindly like and share if you find it informative.

HTML5 Timeline History - Inforgraphics

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This infrographics shows how HTML5 First draft evolved in 2009 and how HTML5 is gaining momentum in almost every web based projects.

What programming languages we should learn?

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What programming languages we should learn? When to learn, how to learn and why to learn?
Before making any decision we should consider many things like job security, for fun, for knowledge gain, for web development, for games development, mobile development,hacking etc..

This infographics may not answer everything but it will surely give you an idea what to chose carefully? You can plot your own chart similar to this by asking each question with yes and no etc.

Code Review Best Practices

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Code review is a great software instrument and you should definitely use it to improve the quality of your code. But like any other tool, it may be misused sometimes.

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