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Akamai is looking for Information Security Experts

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Akamai LogoA very famous CDN company, Akamai is looking for Web application Security Expert for Bangalore location. Interested Candidate may send their updated CV to or upload at the site (This facility is only for registered member) to be considered for referral.

Position : Solution Architect ( Information Security )
Experience : 2-5 years
Location : Bangalore is looking for MySQL Database Administrator is looking for a MySQL Database Administrator! Banner is one of the largest e-commerce sites in the world. We book over 500,000 room nights every day and are one of the largest MySQL installations worldwide. The DBA team at supports 2000+ MySQL servers in a rapidly evolving and dynamic environment. The team focuses on scaling our environment to support the immense growth of the business, automating day-to-day DB related activities and providing support to applications and development efforts.
You will have a responsible position with a lot of freedom and we encourage you to take ownership as much as possible. You will be working together with the best technical members in the industry and a very skilled development team.

Various ways to print the content of hash in Perl

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What is the various ways to print the contents of a hash?

Hash in Perl is nothing but an associative array i.e. Each key is associate with its value and can be displayed using either key or value. It is preferred over simpler array because instead of printing value based on index number, you can print by using key.

  1. $hash{'key'} = 'value';

We will discuss Hash fundamentals in another tutorial where I will explain everything which is required to understand hash clearly with some examples. Let’s see here, how we can display the contents of hash. We assume we have a hash defined as %hash = (some key value pairs);

Which Adobe Product is good for image,logo,magazine -simple comparison

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Many of us are aware of Image manipulation application like Adobe Photshop, GIMP etc. Now adobe has lots of useful products for each category. We have Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe InDesign basically for Image,logo related stuffs.

Which one of these is good for what purpose. Here is the basic Difference chart which depicts the most common strengths and weakness of these three Adobe products. 
  • Adobe Photoshop is always good for Image manipulation
  • Adobe Illustrator is very famous for logo designing
  • Adobe InDesign is famous for magazine production

Build records without a program

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I am following various mainframe forums and I find this interesting utility IEBDG-Test Data generator. I did not know about this utility for long. Sometimes we had to build millions of records to volume test an application. I always hate to write a program as it takes time to construct and test it (still might have some errors). I looked for an Utility that could build records without any input and IEBDG helped me out.

To illustrate, below is an example code that builds 100 different records without any input

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