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How to Publish blog remotely using Microsoft Word

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Having a website is very common these days. Either through free website service providers like blogger, tumblr, WordPress or having own registered TLD (Top Level Domain) and self hosted site developed using WordPress or Drupal or many other famous open source CMS.

All bloggers are not from technical background and posting an article is somehow tougher for them at the initial stage. They face problem in setting categories, text formatting, url inclusion, image insertion etc. Moreover, we usually write the whole article first using Microsoft Word or similar editors based on various Operating Systems.

How about posting a blog remotely and directly from MS word to your website? Isn’t it cool and easy for majority of bloggers? Question is how we can post a blog directly from MS Word, right?

How Mobile Phone signal booster can be useful for you

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Have you heard about the innovative mobile phone signal booster?

The world is full of different kind of inventions, and therefore it is no wonder that every problem has its own solution. Thinking about this, it is easy to see that even the low signal can be easily fixed with a mobile phone signal booster, which is actually a great thing that allows people to communicate more, being able to overcome issues like distance.

Participate in CodeVita 2014 – TCS Global Coding Contest

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Are you a coder? Do you want to show off your programming skills and test them against other coders?
CodeVita is here for you! This coding contest from Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) lets you pit your skills against contestants around the globe. Get started now! Registrations are open for students from India, New Zealand, Australia, South Africa, Peru, Mexico, Colombia, and Uruguay.
Official link:
Twitter link:
Facebook link:

Need guidance for my academic project on co-operative wireless networks

I am doing my project on the domain co-operative wireless networks ,so please give me the elaborate details about below points and suggest few more if required for learning purpose. Please guide me through appropriate links, journals, study materials through which I can learn as much as possible. Can someone please explain in few sentences about below points. It would be of great help.

TCS walkin for various job roles across India on 18-20th July,2014

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Please go through the various job roles,location,venue and timing for walk-in interview. Pardon us for formatting of this job post.

Venue: TCS, Abhilash Building, Plot No. 96  EP-IP Industrial Area, Whitefield Road,  Bangalore 560 066
Registration Time:9:30AM to 12:30PM

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